Intercultural Training: How It Works

Clients take these 1-2 day programs either prior to their departure, or after arriving in a foreign country. I also work with clients who are repatriating after their foreign assignment.

I have a global network of intercultural experts to draw upon who can provide detailed information about the city you are moving to – and how to do business there – no matter where it is in the world. My personal experience comes from living in Brazil, the U.S., and the Netherlands. This experience, combined with the support of my colleagues worldwide, enables me to design a customized, highly-detailed, intercultural training program for you, no matter where in the world you are moving to.

Here is the typical process:

  1. Initial Consultation: In our first meeting we’ll discuss your unique situation and objectives. I will explain the different options available to address your needs, and we will align around what type of program would best serve you. This conversation is free of charge, and can occur via phone or video conference, or be in-person (in the San Francisco Bay Area).
  2. You’ll receive a formal proposal from me, detailing the intended objectives, outcomes, process and costs. Program prices vary, depending upon the situation and number of people involved.
  3. Assessment: The first part of every program is an assessment to identify the specific issues, needs, and characteristics of the situation and people involved. For individuals and groups, this typically takes the form of an on-line questionnaire; in some complex situations additional interviews are required.
  4. Program Design: I design a tailored program to achieve your desired outcomes.
  5. Program Delivery: Group trainings are delivered on-site or in a retreat setting. Individual trainings occur in the office or in your home.
  6. Evaluation: Either at the end of the training, or in a follow-up discussion, we review the objectives to ensure they were met and discuss next steps.
  7. On-Going Development: All programs include development of an action plan to put the key lessons learned into practice. In order to ensure that individuals and teams succeed in the face of their intercultural challenges, clients can optionally enroll in a coaching program or advanced training.