Performance Coaching: How It Works

Free 30-minute consultation.

  • This initial session gives us the opportunity to get to know each other and ensure there is a mutual fit. We can meet in person or over the phone/Skype.
  • This is a time to discuss your goals, ask questions about the process and myself, and understand how we would work together.
  • If necessary, additional free discussions can be arranged. While these aren’t coaching sessions, I respect that it may take more time together to decide about entering into a coaching relationship.

Choice of a coaching package.

  • Sustainable positive change takes time. I would work with you for a minimum of 6 months; some programs last a year or longer. Typically, the longer the engagement, the deeper and more sustainable the change.
  • We would meet twice a month – in person or over the phone – with quick check-ins in between via email or phone as needed. The first two sessions are 90 minutes; all subsequent sessions are 70 minutes.
  • The 12-month package (24 sessions) is $395/month and the 6-month package (12 sessions) is $495/month. I do offer partial scholarships to those with demonstrated need.

Our first session.

  • Using inquiry and dialogue, we will explore what you would like to accomplish and the specific challenges you face with your transition.
  • Due to the nature of the questioning I use, you will immediately begin to see yourself and your situation with new perspectives.
  • This session is 90 minutes.

Our second session.

  • Based upon our discussion, I will offer a tailored coaching program that addresses your unique situation and style, and focuses on your desired outcomes.
  • Together we will make final refinements to the program so that it strongly matches your needs and expectations, and so you can fully commit to it.
  • This 90-minute session is often profoundly insightful for people, as they see themselves and their objectives in a different light and have new energy to approach it.

Our subsequent sessions.

  • Every two weeks we will meet in person or over the phone/Skype for 70 minutes. With each session you will strengthen your insight, learn and practice new skills, and identify next steps.
  • You will receive new practices or exercises to engage in between sessions, which are customized to the moment and designed to build the muscles required to accomplish your goals.
  • During our time together, you will develop new mental, emotional, and relational capacities that enable you to think, feel and act in fresh and more empowered ways regarding your coaching topic.
  • As you succeed in making the shifts you want in your life due to the coaching program we can either end our formal relationship or you may choose to continue with a new topic to focus on.