Intercultural Coaching: Approach

Proven and strongly customized to you: I focus closely on your unique needs while drawing from established and leading-edge coaching methodologies.

Holistic and comprehensive:  I would work to develop your mental, emotional, physical and relational capacities as needed to accomplish your objectives.

Grounded in research: I primarily utilize adult development theory, intercultural studies, embodiment work, and integral theory.

Thorough: I would support you to see most important dimensions of both your current challenges and desired outcomes, using a thorough and on-going assessment.

Seeing the unseen: We would explore new possibilities for your life, as well as how you may be inadvertently sabotaging your success or happiness.

Sustainable positive change: I would support you to develop the competencies required to fully overcome your obstacles and engage the world in a more empowered way.

Safe and incremental: By practicing in a safe space with me, and then testing your “new way” in the real world, you would develop the “muscles” needed to see and act in a fresh manner.