Performance Coaching

iStock_000017458787SmallI coach and support individuals to unlock deep potential, create a happier and more fulfilling life, and thrive personally and professionally. For me, coaching offers a unique process to partner with clients in transformational change.

Part of my path has been to help make the workplace a healthier and more humane environment through deeper understanding of themselves and others. Employees today are challenged more than ever. Many struggle with overwhelm and verge on burnout from today’s intense task loads and heavy information processing. Others may feel consistently in over their heads due to the increasing complexity and rapid change of the landscape. Those on the front lines of social or organizational change are often the least cared for, and the least likely to pause and care for themselves.

My coaching helps individuals to unlock new mental, emotional and relational abilities that are needed for professionals to thrive in the 21st century. These new capacities of mind and heart enable individuals to escape burnout, refresh their energy, connect the dots quicker, see a bigger picture externally and internally, and more deeply relate to all kinds of stakeholders.

These coaching programs create positive, lasting change in areas that deeply matter to both the individual and the organization. I offer a whole systems approach that leverages human development tools to increase any individual’s effectiveness, both personally and professionally.

Who is this coaching for?

  • Leaders and change agents in organizations who realize that “what got me here won’t get me there” and want to make deep changes that will strengthen their impact;
  • Foundations program leaders and NGOs employees who feel overwhelmed by the challenges of doing social justice and environmental work, yet want to take their performance to another level;
  • Individuals managing multicultural teams who want to unlock the power of diversity across their organization;
  • Individuals who are part of multicultural teams that want to strengthen their performance and communication;
  • Individuals who are undergoing major changes in their self-identity.

Common challenges you may be facing:

  • Is there a big vision you are striving toward that you know will require a “new you” to deliver on?
  • Do you find yourself inadvertently sabotaging your best efforts at changing your behavior?
  • Are you experiencing overwhelming stress at work?
  • Do you notice that work takes most of your time, your physical body is out of balance, and you don’t know how to achieve the balance you want?
  • Do you want to be more effective working with diverse teams?
  • Would you like spending less time worrying about how to act and communicate with co-workers with a cultural background different than yours? 
  • Does addressing diversity issues bring up discomfort and misunderstanding in your workplace? Is this situation having a negative impact in your performance? 


How It Works

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Although there are several other coaching approaches that call themselves “Integral”, ICC’s Coaching method is the very first coaching methodology we’ve ever seen that explicitly honors and includes the full spectrum of human development — which is to say that it is the very first coaching program that fully honors and includes all of you: all of your strengths, all of your weaknesses, all of your shadows, all of your experiences, and all of your untapped potentials …

— Ken Wilber